Visiting Stenwood

Meeting with Teachers

Please remember when you are coming to volunteer, drop your child off, or pick your child up this is not a time that teachers are able to meet with you. If you have a concern that you wish to discuss with your child’s teacher please connect with the teacher to arrange a time.  Be respectful of the teachers’ time. In the morning and afternoon, teachers need to attend to the students. Planning time is used for arranged meetings, collaboration with colleagues, and instructional planning. Even short impromptu meetings make it difficult for the teachers to meet their contractual obligations.

Classroom Observations

Parents who wish to observe their child in class or have a private therapist observe their child in class should contact the principal to coordinate the visit at least one week in advance. When an outside therapist observes, feedback following the visit should be shared with the principal or principal designee. Observations are limited to 30 minutes. Parents requesting a private therapist to observe their child in school need to complete a Parental Consent for Disclosure of Student Information form available in the front office, prior to the observation.


Visitors such as parents or private therapists are welcomed in the classroom; however prior arrangements should be made and coordinated with the teacher and principal.  In order to protect the instructional program from interruption, visits are to be limited to 30 minutes.  

School-age visitors (i.e. family relatives and friends) are not permitted to attend school as classroom guests or to ride the school bus, as the integrity of the instructional programs must be protected.

Birthday Celebrations

If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, we encourage you to do so with non-food items. If you choose to send in a food item, we prefer that you send individually wrapped items.  Any food items will be distributed in the cafeteria.

If your child is inviting classmates to his birthday party please do not have your child distribute the invitations at school.