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Vision Statement

  • At Stenwood Elementary School we envision a school where students will become literate, self-motivated, well-rounded, independent learners who demonstrate their responsibility to self and society.

Our Values

  • To ensure academic success for all, the Stenwood Elementary School staff unites to make the following commitments.


  • We will work collaboratively to make instructional decisions to support the learning of each child.
  • We will challenge students to think critically and become problem solvers.
  • We will support our students as they strive to be responsible, caring, respectful, honest, and cooperative.
  • We will engage in meaningful professional development activities which support student success.
  • We will respect, honor, and celebrate the cultural and educational diversity of our school community
  • We will acknowledge parents and community volunteers as partners in the educational process.

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Students Rights and Responsibilities

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Fairfax County School Board

Stenwood ES is located in the Providence District.  Dalia A. Palchik is the Providence District School Board Representative.  Please feel free to contact her at 571-423-1084 or dapalchik@fcps.edu

Stenwood ES is a part of Region 2

Fairfax County Public Schools