Spreading Kindness on Valentine's Day

February 20, 2020

Walking into a classroom on Valentine's Day, you may expect the typical activities: decorating cookies, creating a crafty heart, or Valentine's Day-themed games.  If you walked into a Stenwood 5th grade class on Valentine's Day, however, you may be surprised with what you saw. 

Instead of your typical Valentine's Day activities, 5th graders participated in four Kindness Activities-- all focused on helping others or giving back to the community.

In one station, students created Kindness Rocks, decorating and writing positive messages or pictures to themselves or something in the community when they need it. In another, students created Welcome to Stenwood posters for our incoming Kindergarten-ers for their upcoming Orientation Day.  Students also made Random Acts of Kindness cards to keep in their desk to remind them to be kind everyday. 

The last station impacted our community the most and took to heart on giving back to the community.  All 5th graders created a Birthday bag to donate to the Columbia Baptist Church Food Pantry in Falls Church, which is non-denominational in persons served.  Students filled their bag with birthday cake mix, icing, candles, a birthday pencil, bracelet and stickers.  Students also personalized each bag and birthday card.   Students made each bag extra special, as one 5th grader shared,"Everyone has a birthday, but not every kids gets to celebrate their birthday with a cake.  Now, they will be able to also have their birthday cake!"  All 80+ bags were later hand delivered by 5th grade parents.



5th Grade Spreads Kindness on Valentine's Day