Forms for the Beginning of the School Year

Forms can be completed online, mailed or emailed

Every school year we collect vital information from our Stenwood families during the first few days and weeks of school.  Below you will find links for downloadable copies and some digital submission options for these important forms.  If you are able, we encourage your family to complete and submit the forms digitally (when possible).  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us obtain this information prior to the start of our school year.


Required Forms for All Students 

Emergency Care Card Form  

  • Please be sure that all information on this form is correct.  While you may download this form and return a physical copy to school at a later date, we request,  if possible, you make any changes using weCare@School via your FCPS 24/7 Parent View account.  We must have an updated form for every student on file at the school.  It is extremely important that we have the name and phone numbers of at least two people in the “Other Contact Information” section of the form.  Please be sure to notify the school office of any changes in phone numbers or email addresses that occur during the school year by using weCare@School via your FCPS 24/7 Parent View account. 


Health Information Form  

  • While you are updating your Emergency Care Card Information using weCare@School , make sure to fill out the “Current Health Conditions” and/or “Current Medical Care Details on the ECC form.  This is our preferred method for supplying information we need on the Health Information Form.  


Digital Permission Form 

  • This form asks for the required parental consent of certain apps and instructional software that may be used in instruction. You can review the apps Stenwood plans on using here. Please respond as soon as possible so that teachers may plan instruction appropriately using approved tools.  We appreciate your responses before the first day of school.


Students Rights & Responsibilities

  • Finalized SR&R documents are now posted here.  Please complete this form to acknowledge receipt of SR&R information.The form must be filled out one time per student.

Optional Forms (Return ONLY if applicable):

Survey of Homeless Students 

  • This form should be returned to school only if applicable. 


FCPS Annual Notice of Survey, Records, Curriculum, Privacy, and Related Rights and Opt-Out Forms 

  • This booklet provides you with detailed information about your opt-out choices. The form is due no later than the Friday of the 2nd week of school and includes:
    1. Objection to Release of Directory Information to the Public
    2. School Counseling Opt-Out Forms
    3. Objection to Release of Information for Commercial Purposes

If you have no objection to the activities described in this booklet, do NOT sign or submit any of the forms.  

Family Life Education Opt Out Forms

  • Please read and return the opt-out form for your child’s grade level ONLY if you do not want your child to participate.  Program questions may be addressed at our school by contacting our assistant principal, Meredith Mitchell.  If you choose to have your child participate in the Family Life Education Program, you do not need to return the form.


 Identification of Military Connected Students 

  • Local school divisions are required to identify students who have a parent in the United States uniformed services.