Advanced Academic Program (AAP) News and Notes

November 12, 2018

The Level IV Referral Form for 2019-20 Advanced Academics Program (AAP) is due by January 10th.

The parent/guardian questionnaire, which is highly recommended is due Jan. 10, 2019.

Optional Materials Guidelines

  • Student Work
    • A maximum of four additional pages of student work samples on single-sided 8½” x 11” pages. (The school will include two work samples that were produced at school.) Original stories, artwork, and other student work may be submitted in black and white or color, reduced or enlarged from the original, but must be on standard 8½“ x 11” writing, copying, photographic, or bond paper. Large/oversize pages, small pages, cardboard, tag board, or construction paper may not be submitted. Larger/smaller pages, projects, and photographs may be photocopied onto standard paper.  Videos, DVDs, three-dimensional art, spiral paper, notebooks, pocket folders, and two-sided pages may not be submitted. Work will not be returned.
  • Student Accomplishments
    • A maximum of five single-sided, 8½” x 11” pages of certificates, awards, honors, accomplishments, letters of commendation, report of previous participation in advanced academic programs, and academic extracurricular activities. Letters of commendation may be handwritten or typed from adults who know the student, including parents or other relatives, music or art teacher, coach, etc. The appropriate input for FCPS personnel is the Gifted Behaviors Rating Scale with Commentary (GBRSw/C). Therefore, letters from FCPS staff members may not be submitted. Materials will not be returned.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Spinelli at or visit our AAP page.